Why the Turtle Represents the FLOW Way…

Turtles are incredible swimmers 

& they show us what it is like to thrive on the land and in the water!

They are able to find balance and are truly comfortable in both environments.

These ancient, intelligent creatures have been around since the time of the dinosaurs!  

Turtles have remarkable determination and perseverance!  In fact, they can migrate hundreds, (even thousands) of miles! And if you pick them up and face them in a different direction, they turn themselves around and get right back on track!  

They also have a wonderful ability to adapt and live very long lives.  

To move forward, turtles stick their necks out of their shell.  We too move forward when we are willing to “stick our necks out” by taking chances or trying something new.

Turtles remind us that when we move slowly and with steadiness, we can reach our destination.

And importantly, turtles of all different shapes & sizes teach us to be comfortable in our own shell.

…ALL the skills we need to learn to FLOW:

Fundamentals of Learning to Be One With the Water and the World.

…And why we consider all our swimmers “Turtles In Training.”