Coach Danny, Coach Piper, Coach Aimee, Coach Jodi, Coach Kevin

Coach Piper - Co-Owner

Hey Y’all! Coach Piper here! I was born and raised in Louisiana, I didn’t just dip my toes into the water; I took a cannonball leap into life’s swimming pool! From teaching myself to swim at a tender age to diving headfirst into every available opportunity to splash around, I’ve always been drawn to the aquatic world.

My journey then took me to the rugged terrains of Idaho on a softball scholarship. But even on dry land, the call of the water persisted. I’ve spent nearly a decade imparting the magical art of swimming to eager learners. My love for teaching eventually led me back to my Louisiana roots, where I became a swim coach at The Swim School in Shreveport/Bossier City.

It was there that I discovered my true calling: igniting the spark of aquatic passion in both kids and adults. But the real plot twist happened when I returned to Idaho in 2018 and found my watery haven at FLOW Aquatics. Under my mentor, Shannon’s wisdom, I learned the art of “becoming one with the water” and instilling a profound sense of comfort and safety in every swimmer.

Oh, and did I mention I bleed purple and gold for LSU Tiger football? Geaux Tigers! Dive into my world, and let’s FLOW together!


Coach Kevin - Co-Owner

Hey guys! Coach Kevin here! I grew up in sunny Oceanside, California, where water was my playground from a young age. Whether it was swimming in pools, sailing with my dad, or riding the waves as a body surfer, I’ve always had a blast dancing with H2O. I did have a humbling encounter with a rip current once, which taught me to respect the ocean’s might as well as its beauty.

Later on, I ventured to Boise for college at BSU, but soon realized it wasn’t my calling. Thankfully, I crossed paths with Coach Danny, who introduced me to the world of swim coaching! I dove into this passion at FLOW Aquatics, where I spent eight years mastering the art of coaching and embracing our philosophy of flowing effortlessly with the water, rather than fighting against it.

Now, I’m excited to embark on this aquatic adventure with our new H2FLOW team and our wonderful H2FLOW family. When I’m not at the pool, you can find me making music beats, catching football games, or having a blast with my dog. And of course, I’m always up for a scoop of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream – my guilty pleasure!


Coach Jodi - Office Manager

Hey everybody, I’m Coach Jodi! You’ll most likely see me behind the front desk at H2FLOW! Greeting everyone with a smile and making them feel at home is the best part of my job! I’m originally from Montana, where I learned to swim the chilly way—in the creek behind my house. Back then, you couldn’t pry me out of the pool; I was a water baby through and through!

In my downtime, I cherish moments with my partner, family, and friends. I play a little music and I’m a fishing enthusiast—it’s my form of meditation. A purposeful meander with no destination in mind, as long as there’s tea in the thermos.

I’m not just a coach;  I am a firm believer in the program at H2FLOW and proud to be part of the FLOW family since 2012. Swing by the front office if you need anything, that’s where you’ll find me!


Coach Aimee

While most children learn to swim by spending time in the water, I began to swim by way of skimming across the top of it. I grew up water skiing with her family in Anaheim, California and spent my summers on the river improving my skiing skills. Once I reached high school I decided to take the plunge and join the swim team, despite only knowing the freestyle stroke. I taught myself the other strokes by watching my teammates and I  eventually made the varsity team. My knack for picking up swim strokes has made me a natural teacher—I have now been teaching swimming since 2013.. I also earned my BA in K-8th Education from Simpson College in Redding, California. 

When I am not in the water, you will find me at Victory Middle School where I have worked as a Paraprofessional since 2016.

Throughout my teaching experience I have learned that no two kids learn the same way.  That is why I want to instill confidence in my students  so that they can do anything that they set their mind to. I also want to teach every student how to relax and be comfortable, by not only floating on top of the water, but being comfortable under the water as well.  

Coach Danny - Swim Team

Hey there! I’m Coach Danny – your go-to guy for making a splash in the world of swimming! Shannon lured me away from lifeguarding during my college days, and ever since, I’ve been riding the wave of the FLOW philosophy. For me, it’s all about building comfort and trust before diving into speed, and I’ve been perfecting this approach for over a decade now. Thrilled to be back and ready to make a splash with you!

My aquatic journey has taken me from summer camps to sailing, and even into the medical field – all in pursuit of a diverse background to bring you the most enjoyable and knowledgeable swim lessons. If I’m not making waves at the pool, you’ll find me immersed in a good book or crafting stories at your local library or coffee shop. Speaking of stories, did I mention I started my own publishing company this year? Yep, I’ve already launched three books, one of which is my own creation! I’m always up for a chat about it when I’m between lessons!

Excited to team up with you and propel your kiddo to the next level of swimming greatness! Let’s dive into this journey and FLOW together!