Swim School

Ages: 3 +

All Swim School classes are Private 1:1, 10 minute lessons.  If your children are similar in age and skill level, you can opt to do Semi-Private lessons 2:1 in a 20 minute class.  This option is only available if we can make it work with the schedule.  

  • These classes start at 3 years old to whenever they pass Level 5

Private (1:1) – 10 minute lessons ($97/month)

 Semi-private (2:1) – 20 minute lessons ($184.30/month) with the 10% sibling discount.

10 minutes per class
20 minutes per class for Semi-Privates (only available for siblings)

$97 per month for 10 minute Private lessons

$194 per month for 20 minute Private lessons (if available).

$184.30 per month (10% sibling discount) for 20 minute Semi-Private lessons (if available with siblings that are similar in age and skill level).  

Program Overview

The H2FLOW Swim School program will develop a high comfort level in the water and a readiness to swim for those who are developmentally ready. It takes the children from holding their breath and submerging on their own to swimming a simplified form of freestyle and backstroke. This course approaches teaching swimming through creative, fun activities in the water. Students work toward developing the five core competencies and receive ribbons for completing lead up and benchmark safety and water skills at each stage. Children progress at their own pace in a 1:1 setting.

Swim School Stages

Stage 1: Trusting Turtles (Teal)

Focus: Trusting the Water
Skills learned: Getting in and out of pool safely, jumping in, opening eyes under water, going under comfortably for 5 seconds

Stage 2: Balancing Belugas (Blue-navy)

Focus: Balance and Breath Control
Skills learned: Floating on back and front, turning around and grabbing wall, rolling over, jumping in, rolling over and floating on back.

Stage 3: Propelling Penguins (Purple)

Focus: Propulsion
Skills learned: Kicking and pulling with proper body and head position on front and back, rolling over to breathe, jumping in swimming out 15 ft turning around and swimming back to wall.

Stage 4: Rotating Rays (Red-cranberry)

Focus: Body Rotation
Skills learned: Kicking in a side position with eyes looking up and down, taking a single stroke on stomach and rotating to rest and breathe opposite side, taking a single stroke on back and rotating to opposite side.

Stage 5: Swimming Sea Dragons (Sienna-orange)

Focus: Body Rotation
Skills learned: Putting it all together — taking 3 strokes on stomach and rotate to opposite side to rest and breathe, taking 3 strokes on back and rotate to opposite side to rest and breathe.