Be Family and Mask Up


Dear FLOW Family, 

We are aware of the CDC’s new guidance in regards to vaccinated people now having the choice to not wear a mask in indoor public spaces. 

We absolutely understand the desire to not want to be infringed upon by wearing a mask…to be free.

We also understand the concerns that the vaccines are still being tested in their effectiveness, there are still variants that can complicate things, and that children are still not vaccinated. 

Further, we comprehend some people have chosen not to get vaccinated for their own personal reasons: whether they cannot get it due to medical reasons, they have had COVID and are waiting and taking advantage of their natural immunity or they are simply choosing to do what they feel is best for their bodies.  

We feel as a company to lift our mask mandate at this time will go against 2 of our Core Values to:

Begin with Compassion and Be Family.

Our #1 value is Begin with Compassion which to us means extending kindness to everyone — regardless of their beliefs or actions.  

  • We are not going to label people as good or bad for not getting their vaccination. 
  • We are not going to ask people for the “card” to prove they are vaccinated.
  • We are not going to put a “label” on people that says “I am Vaccinated.”
  • We are not going to put a “mask” on people that says “I am not Vaccinated.”
  • We are not going to divide and make people feel inferior or superior. 

And to do this we are standing by our value of Be Familyto nurture belonging and freedom to be ourselves, by ALL wearing our masks, no matter what

At a time when our country is divided and potentially dividing further, we are saying ENOUGH. 

We are going to make it through this together, by having each other’s backs…and if that means wearing our masks to make this statement, then so be it. 

There is only 1 Earth. The only way to keep it “alive” is by treating each other with kindness — not by making people right or wrong and “labeling.”

Should you choose to come to our place of business, we will kindly ask you to:

Be Family and Mask Up

Please do not ask us to do otherwise. 

Until next time…


FLOW Communication Wizards

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