FLOW Aquatics began in March of 2004 with 8 children and a 7 x 14 Endless Pool in a little house off Main Street in Meridian, Idaho. Today, that little pool is no longer in existence, but we have been fortunate to have touched the lives of thousands of children and adults throughout the Treasure Valley and taught them to FLOW. At H2FLOW, that number is growing on a daily basis and we hope it will for many more years to come as we continue to share the joy that learning to FLOW can bring.



H2FLOW offers unique swimming opportunities which are based on one key element – enhancing relaxation and comfort in the water. Our primary goal is safety. While we teach students how to be safe around the water, we also focus on teaching them to calm their bodies and minds by using breath control and floating to feel weightless in the water. Once this trust and comfort level in the water has been attained, we then introduce them to underwater propulsion. Over the water arm strokes are only introduced after the proper breathing, balance and body alignment have been attainted. “It’s not important how fast or how far an individual can swim, but the duration an individual can stay in water safely.”