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Since 2004, FLOW Aquatics Swim School has shared the fundamentals of swimming with with the local community for two decades. Now, the torch has been passed to the next generation. We are dedicated. We are the future. 

We are H2FLOW!

We do more than simply offer swimming lessons. Our highly acclaimed and innovative techniques enhance relaxation and comfort in the water. Our mission remains unchanged; to continue to teach children of all ages the Fundamentals of Learning to become One with the Water.

Join us and experience the joy and freedom that swimming can bring.

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Why You Need a Pool Safety Net & How to Keep Your Family Pool Safe with These Tips

When you think of a family pool, images of laughter, sunny days, and the joy of watching your child learn to swim might come to mind. Having a pool at home is undoubtedly a source of delight and a fantastic way for your family to stay active.  However, it’s crucial

Learning Swim at Any Age: A Parent’s Guide for How to Ensure Water Competency

Learning swim is not merely a recreational activity; it’s about ensuring water competency and the crucial skills that enable children to be safe in and around water now and throughout their lives. Water competency is a critical life skill, and to achieve it involves building a combination of knowledge, habits,

Swimming Pool Water Safety: How to Tell If Public Swimming Pools Are Safe

Whether you’re looking for the nearest public swimming pools for a day of leisurely swimming, considering Boise swim lessons, or gearing up to start swim team, swimming pool water safety is an easily overlooked but important factor—especially when you consider the many bacteria that can form in Idaho’s natural landscapes